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Overview of "Censores"
Censores are very respected magistrates with the highest auctoritas but third in rank after the consules and praetores. Learn more...
Censores in Roma Antiqua

The censores were two in number, elected from men of consular dignity, at a interval of five years (lustrum) and holding office for eighteen months. They ranked as magistratus maiores, but did not possess the imperium, and had no power to convene either the senate or an assembly of the people. The property registration, of which the censors had charge, was called census, and on it depended the position of a citizen in the centuriae.

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Censores in Nova Roma

One of the magistracies of Nova Roma. There are two censores Censores of year 2763 AUC:

The domain of authority of the censores includes:

  • conducting the biennal census of Nova Roma.
  • maintaining the rolls of citizens, senators, ordo equester members, the database of century allocations and tribal alignments.
  • being guardians of public morality.
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Detail, relief of Domitius Ahenobarbus: taking of the census; end 2nd century BCE from Campus Martius, Rome. Paris, Louvre Museum. Credits: Barbara McManus, 1999
Past censores in Nova Roma
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