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Our magistracies

Aedilis curulis
Aedilis plebis
Tribunus plebis
Tribunus militum

Praefectus rei publicae administrandae
Curator aerarii
Curator rei informaticae


Classification of magistracies

Magistracy overview

The position of praefectus auxilio civili Novae Romae and their office, the Officium Auxilii Civilis Novae Romae was created under Edictum consularede adiumento civibus nostris and confirmed under the Senatus consultum de adiumento civibus nostris Sarmaticis. The praefectus auxilio civili operates under the supervision of the praefectus rei publicae administrandae, and according to the will of the consuls. It is the right of the consuls to appoint or dismiss the praefectus.

The praefectus auxilio civili has to take the lead on coordinating aid efforts to Nova Romans, Roman revivalists and related people who need help in the current humanitarian crisis caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war situation. The praefectus is empowered to conduct fundraising for global crises and conflicts affecting Nova Roman citizens and to distribute the raised funds as needed. The execution of this mandate and all other tasks and duties of the praefectus auxilio civili are determined by the consuls.

Civilian Aid and Rescue Office of Nova Roma

The direction of the Officium Auxilii Civilis Novae Romae, or the Civilian Aid and Rescue Office of Nova Roma, is conducted by its praefectus, in the name, and with the power, of the consuls. These are the members of the Office:

Praefectus auxilio civili Novae Romae

Support to Nova Romans, Roman revivalist, their families, friends and related people in the Ukrainian Conflict

Nova Roma is now organizing help for refugees from the Ukrainian war zone who are members of Nova Roma, or relatives and close friends. Should anyone have transport capacity or shelter capacity, long or short term, and is willing to help, send your data to:

You can also send information or requests for assistance to the Facebook accounts of C. Artorius Praeconinus or Decimus Aurelius Ingeniarius. Emails or messages to the Nova Roma Facebook account or to the emails or will also be able to coordinate your support. Data will be used according to NR privacy policies (full discretion) and only used to coordinate the helping effort.

Donations can be made to aid in evacuation efforts via:

Any offer of help will also be gladly taken and appreciated!

If you are affected by the crisis, please contact this office by one of the avenues above and we will do our best to provide assistance.

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