Publius Memmius Albucius (Election MMDCCLXII)

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Publius Memmius Albucius

Album Civium


Salvete Quirites!

We have the honor to present to you, the citizens of Nova Roma, our joint candidacy for the office of consuls for next year 2763 auc / 2010 cc.

Many of you know us well and are aware of the time and energy that we have dedicated to our common good throughout the many years of our citizenship. We know well that it is our duty to step forward and accept this most serious challenge as leaders of the Res Publica.

We offer you, Quirites, a team with a great many years of competent experience from many walks of life, including the magistracies in Nova Roma. During our work for Nova Roma we have gathered many skills that are useful to the Res Publica.

I, Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus, am an Elder Patrician and have served as Propraetor/Proconsul, Quaestor, Curule Aedile, Consul and Censor. During my Consulship and Censorship laws were worked on and presented. Many of these are still valid today. In addition I have also served many Censors, Consuls and Praetors as an advisor (accensus). As the Princeps Senatus I see it as my duty to serve with equitable diligence to always work towards formulating new concrete visions for Nova Roma that will lead to the goals of our Res Publica.

I, Publius Memmius Albucius, am a Plebeian. One by one I have ascended the successive steps on the ladder of our cursus honorum. As a lawyer and public officer I have a great respect for the core values of integrity and dignity, civility and honesty, those important values of our republic.

As mature experienced men who have been, and still are, in charge in our daily lives regarding the responsibilities and managements of professional staff and other groups, we, Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus and Publius Memmius Albucius, know fully what we envision for Nova Roma and what measures must be implemented to ensure her continued growth. Both of us are serving as senator and have been governor or is governor of the province where we live. With us, we bring honed skills, borne of hard earned experience that further enable our team to perform the task ahead of us.

We are most certain that Nova Roma will not survive more years of chaotic quarreling, resentments and troubles. We are convinced that no one should be allowed to place recurrent demands on our community while at the same time threatening its development, including its own life and survival.

We are sure, and our past actions clearly demonstrate this, that all parts of Nova Roma which currently comprise most of our citizens, those of North America, of South America and of Europe, have no Roman future separately; by coming together in unity we will form a strong republic. We therefore can not acknowledge any discourse that tries to divide us, and pretends or attempts to convince us that we could succeed without one another.

We are convinced that Nova Roma has enough years behind her to take a new step forward towards real meetings and actions with respect to national legislations.

We want to propose for Nova Roma a legal and daily foundation that allows every one of us, including every newcomer, to find amongst us all the Roman resources that she/he expects to find here: culture, religion, history, Latin, Roman cooking, archeology to reenactment, etc., without necessarily being disturbed by the noise of our institutions.

We are convinced that our institutions must adjust to our goals and community, and not the contrary.

We are sure that we can all enhance a Nova Roma where respect, development and external recognition would be compatible with efficiency and internal debates.

For all these reasons, both of us have decided to bring to You this joint candidacy: the younger, Publius Memmius Albucius, who as praetor wishes to go on serving as consul, the Republic, and Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus, the elder, who whilst considering the dark clouds above our heads that are currently threatening our community, offers the Res Publica his services.

We, Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus and Publius Memmius Albucius, are convinced that as consuls we have a lot to offer to the Res Publica. Please vote for both of us. Whoever you are, Quirites, friends, allies or just citizens who are fed up of a torn Nova Roma and/or who want to see positive progress, Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus and Publius Memmius Albucius need you and will be honored by your vote.

We are not alone: we are working together with many skilled and dedicated citizens. Some of them will run for various positions during the elections. Together we offer you hard work to mend the Res Publica; as a reward for that hard work of us all we will see to it that we lay a strong base for the years to come to be a more peaceful and creative Nova Roma.

Valete sincerely Quirites!

Caeso Fabius Buteo Quintilianus

Publius Memmius Albucius

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