Senatus consultum ultimum de situ internetuali Novae Romae (Nova Roma)

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This senatus consultum is currently IN FORCE.

Passed by the Senate of Nova Roma
Yes: 12 No: 0 Abs.: 0
a.d. XI Kal. Quin. Q. Arrio (III) A. Tullia cos. MMDCCLXXIV a.u.c.

In order that the republic suffer no longer any harm due to the incomplete status of our internet infrastructure, the senate gives the following orders:

I. The curator rei informaticae is commissioned to centralize, modernize, update and bring all assets of the digital infrastructure under the control of the republic and to decide which ones have to be reinstated or abolished as the services fell out of favor or are disused. The curator rei informaticae has to submit a short summary report of the progress on each Kalends from the next month on.

II. The curator rei informaticae shall appoint and chair a committee of IT scribes (and potentially officers with other titles) to revise the homepage and digital services of the main webpage to bring them up to date with modern technology and standards to better draw in more new citizens. The main entrance page of our website shall be up to modern standards which also should be SEO (Search Engine Optimized). The committee should include at least three appointed members besides the curator rei informaticae.

III. The curator rei informaticae shall install a digital office software to safeguard access to all the digital infrastructure with clear instruction for the higher magistratus on how to regain the access should anything unforeseen happen.

IV. Based on the monthly Kalends reports of the curator rei informaticae, the senate might change the goals and tasks set forth in the senatus consultum ultimum.

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