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Nova Roma

D. Aurelius Ingeniarius
legatus pro praetore

Current Events

I. Republic of Rome Board Game Online

Hosted and facilitated by D. Aurelius Legatus Pro Praetore, an open invitation is made for all to join him in a Roman themed board game. Played via the Roll20 online interface, players will get to experience the political intrigue and challenges of managing the ancient Roman Republic.

Cover of Republic of Rome by Valley Games (2009).


The Republic of Rome is an abstraction of over 250 years of history. It simulates the politics of the Roman Senate during the republic. The players take the part of various factions vying for the control of the senate. They control the various powerful families of the time, who compete for state offices, military command, economic concessions and new adherents. To win the player must get their faction to become the most powerful in Rome. While doing this, however, a balance must be maintained. A hostile world situation, and the vagaries of the public of Rome means that the players must also cooperate so that Rome herself doesn't go down under this pressure. If Rome does not last, neither does the senate, and all players lose!

Players make proposals to the Senate which other players then vote on. A player's ability to make proposals is determined by which Offices his/her Senators hold. A player's influence in votes is determined by the number of Senators they have recruited and the level of influence those Senators have obtained. Proposals may include assigning Senators to governor provinces (generating revenue), recruiting an army to fight an external foe, addressing the concerns of the Roman people, assigning offices or prosecuting previous office holders. Players have to co-operate to overcome the various threats that the game sends against Rome (wars, famine, unrest, bankruptcy) whilst working to build their own Senators' and Generals' positions and undermine that of their opponents. A powerful General or an influential Senator may become Emperor (thus winning the game) but equally may suddenly fall to the plague or an assassin's blade.

Read more about the game itself on the Board Game Geek page.

Current Game

There is currently no live game. To apply for the next session, please email us at

You can watch the most recent finished game on the Australia Nova Romana YouTube Playlist for ANR session 01.20 playthrough.

The live game sessions were hosted from 9.30am (Rome Time, +1 GMT) or 7.30pm (Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time, +11 GMT), Monday evenings. For those wanting to watch, a live stream was hosted via the Australia Nova Romana Twitch channel.

II. Live Roman Content - Twitch

Hosted by various citizens, D. Aurelius Legatus Pro Praetore has initiated a Twitch streaming channel to bring Roman themed content to interested viewers. The stream is hosted on the: Australia Nova Romana Twitch channel. Be sure to watch and click the 'Follow' button to support the channel.

The intent is to build a large enough following to become an associate with Twitch, where subscription proceeds will go back to helping grow Nova Roma.

Seeking Channel Hosts

If you would like to host your own segment on the channel, have a look at the available segments on this Google Calendar. Streaming as a host is open to all Nova Roma citizens. Applications for hosting requests can be sent to

III. Greetings with the Governor

These are relaxed sessions hosted online where fellow provincial citizens can come together and socialise. Citizens can just audio call in, or video call in as the majority do. Attendees are afforded the opportunity to share ideas, collaborate and speak directly with the Governor who, of course, attends these meetings as well. The Governor will often share their ideas and direction for the coming months and can use this time to also present awards among other news.

Next Event

The next Greetings with the Governor session is scheduled for Sunday, 29 November at 3:00pm UTC+11, 5:00am Rome time.

To see the next upcoming event, accept the invite on our Provincia Australia Facebook Group or email us at

A bird's-eye view, zoomed out of the Republic of Rome by Valley Games (2009), board game hosted on Roll20.
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