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The senate of Nova Roma is able to grant special commands to magistrates promagistrates overarching several or all provinces of Nova Roma. These officers may be the governors of those provinces or may be specially appointed promagistrates only for the purpose of (reenactment) military command and administrative state command.

The current special commanders, generals of supra-provincial reenactment and ceremonial armies of Nova Roma are:

  • P. Porcius Licinus imperator, currently as praetor, but independently from his office as praetor, as he was granted praetorian imperium, and the title legatus pro praetore, and command as legal assistant co-commander-in-chief over all legions that are commanded by proconsul Sex. Lucilius Tutor. P. Licinus is the assistant co-commander (adiutor) of Sex. Lucilius. This means the same 9 units that are assigned under the imperium of Lucilius proconsul.

In the past, an extensive special command was given, and complete consular power, to Cn. Lentulus Alexander, also known as Lentulus the Elder.

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