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The Nova Roman legal system includes the legal texts applicable to and inside Nova Roma. It is composed not only of the laws adopted by the comitia, the assemblies of Nova Roma, but also of senatus consulta, pontifical decrees and magisterial edicts.



The constitution and the laws of Nova Roma, listed in chronological order, can be found here:

The list of all passed laws ("leges"), regardless to their status (in force, lasped or repealed) can be consulted here.

Senatus consulta

Most of the senatus consulta can be found here, where you must click on the links of the individual senate sessions to find them. Note that not all senatus consulata are uploaded to this website. You can also find many of the SCs in this category:

There is an onoing project to make all of them available and edited in a more legible format. Here you will find, when the project is finished, a list of discussed SC (Nova Roma), which includes every discussed senatus consultum, whatever their current status is (in force, lasped or repealed).

Decreta pontificum vel augurum

The collegium pontificum has the right to issue decreta on matters relevant to the Roman religion and its own internal procedures, the collegium augurum has the same power to issue decreta on matters of the ars auguria and its own internal procedures. These priestly decrees may not be overruled by laws passed in the comitia, by senatus consulta, or by edicts of magistrates.

Thematic index of laws

You can also access our legal texts by topic:

Elections results

Laws on the old website

Some complementary informations on our older laws may be available in our

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