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Dediĉata por restarigi religion klasikan Roman, kulturon, kaj virton

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Hodié a.d. III Kal. Mar. M. Pompeio cos. sine collega MMDCCLXVIII a.u.c. est. "B"

"Will we really walk together in the Realm of the Dead?"
"Very soon now, my love."
"How will I find you?"
"I will find you. Just sit somewhere beautiful and wait."
"A nicer fate than eternal sleep."
"Oh, yes. We will be together."
(From "Antony and Cleopatra" by Colleen McCullough)

Colleen McCullough
1 June 1937 – 29 January 2015

It is with sadness that Nova Romans learn that the world famous author, Colleen McCullough, who created the extremely popular and acclaimed "Masters of Rome" series, died today. For many of us, her "Masters of Rome" series was the gateway through which we entered the world of ancient Rome, and chose to stay and learn about its history and people, the ancient Roman religion, culture and virtues. Several Nova Roman citizens are here because they were drawn by her excellent books of utmost historical accuracy, authenticity and detail. Nova Roman citizens worldwide honor this fine author as a kind of friend to our Res Publica, even more so because she was involved in Nova Roma exactly 10 years ago and served Nova Roma as one of the members of the Jury of the Certamen Petronianum, a Roman Historical Novel Writing Contest of Nova Roma, which means that Nova Roma had a special connection to her.

She will be sorely missed.
May she find peace and eternal joy among her ancestors!


la Republiko
la Kutimo Romana
komuniko, vendoplaco

December 16 - 18: Participate in the Ludi Galerii in memory of our recently deceased leading citizen, Ti. Galerius Paulinus.

ELECTIONS OF MAGISTRATES finished: Our comitia assemblies have elected next year's magistrates.

November 10 - 12: State mourning and censorial funeral of Ti. Galerius Paulinus was ordered by the senate. The state funeral was conducted by pontifex Cn. Lentulus.

August 19 - September 23: With the Ludi Augustales Bimillenarii, Nova Roma worldwide commemorated the 2000th Anniversary of the Death and Deification of Imperator Caesar Augustus, one of the most prominent Romans who ever lived. More info here.

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Day 3 (088) - Vindolanda - Paulus, Laureatus, Albucius - -Cordus-.jpg
T. Amatius Paulus (Hispania), C. Moravius Laureatus (Britannia), & P. Memmius Albucius (Gallia) at Vindolanda, during the V Conventus Novae Romae.

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