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A Nova Roman governor is a person appointed by the senate to oversee the daily handling of a province.



The governor of the province can be variously termed, consul, proconsul, praetor, propraetor, or legatus pro praetore; the title depends on previous offices held by the governor.

Currently-serving consules governing provinces shall be titled consul. Former consules who are continuing to govern a province after their term as consul ends shall be titled proconsul.

Currently-serving praetores governing a province shall be titled praetor. Praetores who continue to govern a province after their first term of office ends shall be titled propraetor.

The "governor" of Italy shall be called praefectus Italiae. If a sitting consul or praetor resides in Italy and they serve as "governor" on behalf of the senate of Nova Roma they shall be called consul or praetor.

All other citizens appointed by the Senate to govern a province of Nova Roma shall be called legatus pro praetore.


The lex Vedia provincialis outlines the powers and duties of the provincial governors. These powers, as one would expect, are limited to the boundaries of the province. As in antiquity, a provincial governor has the honour of being preceded by six lictors. Edicta may be proclaimed on matters solely related to the day to day management of the province. They may also appoint provincial officials, but they must follow guidelines set out by the senate.

Legal precedence

Governors may be replaced at any time, and specially every year when the senate examines their annual activity. A governor has thus no interest to challenge the authority of the senate.

This consideration let aside, the governors have a wide competency in their province, owning inside the imperium and the judicial competency for trials which involve two citizens of the province.

Although they depend directly on the senate, governors are submitted to the higher imperium of the central magistrates, too: their local imperium applies as long as it does not enter in conflict with the higher imperium of the praetores or consules of Nova Roma. All governors obey any consular official request or a praetorian request, when the praetor acts in the place of the consules or in the frame of their own special administrative or judicial competencies whose execution is necessary in the concerned province. Similarly, the governor must apply every measure issued by any central magistrate, even if this magistrate has no imperium, but works in a field which results of the application of Nova Roman law.

Current Governors of Nova Roman Provinces

Province Governor
Alasca et Havaia Proconsul Marcus Pompeius Caninus
America Cismississippiana VACANT
America Deserta Proconsul Gaius Tullius Valerianus Germanicus
America Gallica Legatus pro praetore Tiberius Marcius Ramazinus
America Hispanica VACANT
America Mississippiensis VACANT
America Missuriensis VACANT
America Montana VACANT
America Nebrascensis VACANT
America Noveboracensis VACANT
America Oregonensis VACANT
America Texia Legatus pro praetore Publius Quinctius Petrus Augustinus
America Transappalachiana VACANT
Argentina VACANT
Australia VACANT
Brasilia VACANT
Britannia Legatus pro praetore Gaius Marcius Crispus
California Angelensis Proconsul Quintus Fabius Maximus
California Franciscensis Proconsul Quintus Fabius Maximus
Canada Citerior Legatus pro praetore Gaius Claudius Quadratus
Canada Ulterior Proconsul Gnaeus Iulius Caesar
Carolina VACANT
Columbia VACANT
Dacia Proconsul Titus Iulius Sabinus
Gallia Propraetor Gaius Petronius Dexter
Georgia Florida VACANT
Germania Propraetor Gaius Petronius Dexter
Hispania Proconsul Gaius Aemilius Crassus
Italia Praefectus Italiae Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus
Lacus Magni Legatus pro praetore Gaius Decius Laterensis
Mediatlantica VACANT
Minnesota VACANT
Nipponia VACANT
Nova Britannia Citerior VACANT
Nova Britannia Ulterior Legatus pro praetore Aulus Iulius Paterculus
Nova Hispania VACANT
Ohio Legatus pro praetore Gaius Decius Laterensis
Pannonia Legatus pro praetore Gnaeus Cornelius Lentulus
Sarmatia VACANT
Venedia Propraetor Sextus Lucilius Tutor
Virginia VACANT

Note :

  • For details on the VACANT provinces, contact the consuls.
  • Except for Italia, each province is called "provincia" (province). Italia is called "praefectura".
  • Governors are called "legatus pro praetore", "praetor" or "consul", "propraetor" or "proconsul", except the governor of Italia who is always called "praefectus".

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